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Physics C



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AP Physics C

*     1st Qtr Syllabus

*     2nd Qtr Syllabus

*     Class Overview

*    Class Grading System

*    Download Concept Map Software

*    MIT Mechanics Lectures

*    MIT E&M Lectures

*    Jupiter’s Moon Lab

*     Chapter 15 Homework

*     Chapter 21 Homework


Honors Physics

*    Class Overview

*     Class Grading System

*     Blog Links

*    Honors Class Procedures

*     Current Events

*     Newton’s Laws Applications Test Review Key

*     Egg Drop Project

*     Extra Credit Video Project

*     Schedule Week of 12/8/2014

*     Schedule Week of 12/15/2014

*     Schedule Week of 1/5/2015

*     Schedule Week of 1/12/2015